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At 1600 feet, horror strikes flight 447

During a flight from Amsterdam to Madrid, an airplane crashes on a solid cloud.
Then more than half of the passengers disappear…

Eighteen-year-old Linda is on her first flight as a stewardess. So far, she hates everything about it. The constant humming of the engines, the nagging of the passengers, the crying babies… Luckily the plane is almost at its destination. Little does she know her body will touch the ground in a way she had never expected before.

Trapped more than a thousand feet high on a cloud, she and everyone onboard find out the hard way that there had gone something terribly wrong. And not just with the airplane.

In the end, there’s a plane crash is a suspense/horror story. If you like pageturners with a lot of twists and blood-curdling horror, then you will definitely love this book by award nominee and bestselling author J.Sharpe.

Pick up In the end, there’s a plane crash today and enjoy the flight!

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“Sharpe is a master in creating goosebumps, a feeling that I used to have a lot when, as a child, I read the book series Goosebumps and Fearstreet."

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