Let us write a book descriptions that sells!

1. Search online

Try to find a professional that writes your book description for you that can compete with our prices (psst, its free with us).

3. Tell us what your book is about

You probably already have a description of sorts. Send us that blurb, tell us what the book is about (also genre and if there are certain elements in there such as horror, romance, etc) and let us know who you are.

2. Go back to our site

Click the contact button, send us an email.

4. wait a few days (and pay us whatever you think the description is worth)

We will get back to you with your new book blurb within a few days. After that, you pay us whatever you think the new description is worth (through PayPal or other desired payment method). However, paying is optional.

This offer will expire!

We are providing you this service for so little money because we are starting this part of the company up and we want to help fellow authors out selling more books. But eventually this offer will expire and we will be charging a fixed fee for this service. So send us an email now!

What other authors say

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"I’m a first time author who had never written a book blurb before. Joris helped me to see what I’d been missing and added elements that I hadn’t thought of previously. I’d highly recommend using his service."
Jali Henry
"I had my blurb back within a couple of days. Within a week I saw changes in my sales. Thanks Joris!"
Hilary Leigh
"Joris had a keen eye on what worked and didn't work with my description, and he went the extra mile to get it right."
"Now I see there's a structure to writing a blurb. It's so clear now what I've been missing in the past. If you are looking for someone to help you write a better book blurb, Joris is your man."
Quintin Marets
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