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Are you looking for someone to design the cover of your next bestseller? Then you’re in the right place! We from Hummingbird Book Cover Design have 5+ years of experience with designing book covers. Currently we are open again to design covers for indie authors. We also design covers for Dutch publishing house Zilverspoor/Zilverbron. In the past we also designed covers for Dutch publishing house Letterrijn.


So what actually makes a book cover so important? Authors often think that the story itself should be the reason for people to read the book. And of course that’s true, but if the cover doesn’t speak to people then no one will buy it. And that potential bestseller will never be discovered.

A good cover triggers potential buyers to take a further look. It gives a first impression of what the book is about. It intrigues, inspires and grabs you. So that the story can then do its work and keep the reader clinging to the pages.

Furthermore, a good book cover doesn’t have to be expensive. So click on the link to go to our sister website, found out more and contact us if you’re interested!

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