Promote your non-fiction book and business

Videos are not just for marketing books. There are many applications including bringing your logo to life and promoting your business:

                     8 reasons why videos are so important:

  • Videos boosts conversions and sales
  • Videos builds trust with the consumer
  • Videos shows a great return on investment
  • Videos garners more attention on social platforms
  • Videos appeals to mobile users
  • Videos ads work better than picture ads
  • Videos engages even the laziest buyers
  • Videos will be shared more

What can we create:

  • Logo animation
  • Short book trailers
  • Short 3D videos for use on your website or in your social media campaign
  • YouTube video channel intro
  • Cover reveals
  • Animated Follow us buttons
  • An author bio
  • Interactive video’s
  • Cartoon style video for the services you provide.
  • Animated explainer videos for you product or business
  • And more!!!

Our prices

Nowadays The attention span of an average human being is just a few seconds. Therefor we specialize in videos under 40 seconds. But if you want your video to be a bit longer, that's possible of course)

Normal price $59.99

Now just:


excl vat

Per basic video

(Members of SPS only pay $35)

Extra options

(additional costs)

(premium video)

  • Incorporate stock video ($20)
  • American voice over (starting at $20)
  • Extra revision ($5)
  • Make the video interactive (for example see my home page) ($30)
  • Cartoon style video ($20)

Some examples:

Driving school Wierks

Cartoon style video for the services you provide (exclusive style video)

Doodle type animation video (basic style video)

Promo video for B&B De Logeerboot (Premium style video)

Promo video for Specsavers (Premium style video)