Coming to terms with your own past has never been so terrifying.

The idea was simple. I was to be buried alive for our next YouTube video. My friends would film everything in the hope we would go viral.

How did everything go so wrong?

There is no food, drinkable water or electricity. Somehow the sea level has risen by nearly six thousand feet! Has the whole world gone underwater except the top of this mountain? One thing is for sure though, we lost all contact to the outside world.

Strange and scary things are happening here and I sense it will continue until we can face the truth. Something is lurking in the dark. An invisible force. Is it playing with us? Or are we all slowly losing our minds?

Reflection is a fast-paced suspense novel. If you like ghost stories with multiple plot twists and blood-curdling horror, then you will definitely love this book by award nominee and bestselling author J. Sharpe.

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