Upcoming releases/translations

The English version of some of my books are now available on Amazon. And they are doing great. It’s a joy to see the reviews coming in (if you haven’t left a review yet, but still want to, please do) and to get emails from all over the world telling me that they loved the book and if there will be a new release soon. Well, if you are wondering the same thing, the answer is YES. Several translations will see the light of day this year.

This is going to be the publication schedule for the rest of this year (dates may change):
16 April 2020 – Return – English (free short story)
16 May 2020 – In the end there’s a plane crash – English (short story/novella)
20 June – Suspense (1 ) Box set – English – Eden, Syndrome and In the end, there’s a plane crash together in one box
25 Juli 2020 – Dark memories – English (short story/novella)
1 August 2020 – Uit de duisternis – Dutch (Novel)
September 2020 – De Turfkesen 1 – Dutch (Childrens book)
26 September 2020 – The girl that could catch fire – English (short story /novella)
28 November 2020 – Change – English (short story/novella)
30 January 2021 – Reflection -English  (novel)